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Swimming Lessons and Floatation Devices

Screw the line, I've picked my side

7 May 1980
On the verge of insanity and genius...

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Date Created:2004-01-13
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Born in a cold desolate valley in Northeastern PA, calily learned early that life sucks and she belonged somewhere that is warm and sunny. Ironically, she ended up living in New Jersey, which not really warm and sunny but rather congested and busy. She tries to find the humor in this until she sits down and rants to avoid flipping off yet another motorist on the Garden State Parkway. She's random, blunt, and is severely allergic to bullshit.
Strengths: Determination, vast knowledge of wine, good listener, resilience, not easily shocked
Weaknesses: Determination is usually pure stubbornness, easily distracted by shiny things, hates stupid people and rants about it at length
Special Skills: Speed typing, Finding sparklies wherever she goes, High alcohol tolerance, completely random blurt out statements
Weapons: Sarcasm and pepper spray that has been known to accidentally "go off"
Favorites : Blue October, The Shawshank Redemption, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Oz, Perfect Strangers, Kurt Vonnegut, trashy chic lit, Anything on the Discovery Channel

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